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Feeling Continental.

Natalie and I got back a couple days ago after a nice long trip in the Benelux region (Netherlands & Belgium) last week. I can’t possibly catch up on the cool stuff we did or saw, so I’ll just give you some highlights:
APRIL 28: LEIDEN. We got up at 3AM to go by bike, train, […]

Craigelachie + ‘S Rioghal Mo Dhream.

Natalie and I just got back from a few days up in Scotland. This mini-adventure was very meaningful to both of us, because as far as we can tell it’s the the only common ancestry we know we have. Natalie is over 3/4 Scandinavian, with a lot of her ancestors immigrating in the last 2-3 […]


Over the last week Natalie and I have gotten to visit with a few beloved friends & family over in this hemisphere. First, the day after Easter we took a day trip to London and met up with my cousin Kristen, who up until November was working in Surrey as a large animal veterinarian (now […]

Bath, Stonehenge, and Time Warps.

Last weekend, on St. Patrick’s Day, we rode some trains out to Bath. I say trains (plural) because we not only had to go from Cambridge to London, but en route to Bath from London, we had to dismount our train in Swindon. Apparently a “lorry” (truck) was oversized and ran into a bridge ahead […]


Today I stumbled upon Worldmapper, a fascinating website that collects world census data on various and sundry things (population, emissions, AIDS, income, infant mortality, exports, etc.) and creates cartograms, or maps with rescaled geopolitical boundaries to reflect not actual landmass, but some other property.
I had to try to figure out how to make my own! […]

Meeting Victoria & Albert in London.

Time seems to slow down around museums, and the further I wander into one the more I feel like I’m in a haze with no reference points to hours or minutes. I’m just there, now; seeing. The funny thing is, that when I step back out of the museum time speeds up again and […]

Around and Around London.

I did get around to adding photos to the novel-of-a-post I wrote about the mathematician, so have a look.
I made the first of many weekly trips to London on Monday and got a crash course in navigating this enormous city. One of the Underground lines broke down leaving me in the rain and wind huddled […]

Safe Arrival.

At 11am on 8-Jan-07, our good friend Eric Everman drove us to the Minneapolis/St Paul Airport. About 8 hours later we were boarding a plane in Houston bound for London. We sat next to a young girl (may 8 or 9?) who we think had a British father and American mother (across the aisle from […]

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