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Cambridge Coffee + London Gig.

I’m writing this post from the Starbuck’s inside the Borders downtown, just a spit from the Cambridge market square. I’m taking a break from work to update the old blog… but I’ll have to upload it later since there’s surprisingly no Internet connection here. I come here to work a lot, in fact. It’s easy […]

Greek to Me.

Two of the Ph.D. students in the group at the Cambridge Computing Lab I’ve gotten to know pretty well here are Greek. As in, from Greece… their names are Andreas and Nikiforos (or Niki). Now, since I’m letting my hair grow out long, it’s at this annoying intermediate stage where I must wear hats all […]


Today I stumbled upon Worldmapper, a fascinating website that collects world census data on various and sundry things (population, emissions, AIDS, income, infant mortality, exports, etc.) and creates cartograms, or maps with rescaled geopolitical boundaries to reflect not actual landmass, but some other property.
I had to try to figure out how to make my own! […]


I keep forgetting to look to the right when crossing the road here because they drive on the other side. The walk to the Cambridge Computing Lab is just a mile or so but you must cross Madingley Road, which is quite a busy one. I nearly got smooshed this morning!

This is the Way Out.

Welcome. We’re still adjusting to the time zone and such, but the blog is up and running. We made it here safely about 2pm (GMT) last Tuesday. We’ll add more details about our travels and first few days here in a bit.

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