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Feeling Continental.

Natalie and I got back a couple days ago after a nice long trip in the Benelux region (Netherlands & Belgium) last week. I can’t possibly catch up on the cool stuff we did or saw, so I’ll just give you some highlights:
APRIL 28: LEIDEN. We got up at 3AM to go by bike, train, […]

Craigelachie + ‘S Rioghal Mo Dhream.

Natalie and I just got back from a few days up in Scotland. This mini-adventure was very meaningful to both of us, because as far as we can tell it’s the the only common ancestry we know we have. Natalie is over 3/4 Scandinavian, with a lot of her ancestors immigrating in the last 2-3 […]

Cambridge Coffee + London Gig.

I’m writing this post from the Starbuck’s inside the Borders downtown, just a spit from the Cambridge market square. I’m taking a break from work to update the old blog… but I’ll have to upload it later since there’s surprisingly no Internet connection here. I come here to work a lot, in fact. It’s easy […]

London Fawming.

I took the above photo yesterday in Regent’s Park, London. The folks here are part of an informal gathering of “fawmers” (participants in the FAWM.ORG challenge I help organize) that we set up here in the UK… plus a few friends who were along for the fun. Present here are, clockwise from front: my jacket, […]

Notes From A Small Island.

As many of you know, I run a songwriting project called FAWM.ORG where the goal is to write 14 original songs in the 28 days of February. Last year some cats in New Hampshire started something similar called RPM, to record a 10-song album in the same amount of time. This year, they decided to […]

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