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Over the last week Natalie and I have gotten to visit with a few beloved friends & family over in this hemisphere. First, the day after Easter we took a day trip to London and met up with my cousin Kristen, who up until November was working in Surrey as a large animal veterinarian (now […]

Cambridge Coffee + London Gig.

I’m writing this post from the Starbuck’s inside the Borders downtown, just a spit from the Cambridge market square. I’m taking a break from work to update the old blog… but I’ll have to upload it later since there’s surprisingly no Internet connection here. I come here to work a lot, in fact. It’s easy […]

London Fawming.

I took the above photo yesterday in Regent’s Park, London. The folks here are part of an informal gathering of “fawmers” (participants in the FAWM.ORG challenge I help organize) that we set up here in the UK… plus a few friends who were along for the fun. Present here are, clockwise from front: my jacket, […]

Industrial Action.

Wednesday, on my second trip to London I found a placard outside the Tate Britain saying that most of the galleries in the museum would be closed that day on account of “industrial action”. I guessed that meant something like demolition or cleaning, but thought that seemed rather exteme. When I went inside I asked […]

Meeting Victoria & Albert in London.

Time seems to slow down around museums, and the further I wander into one the more I feel like I’m in a haze with no reference points to hours or minutes. I’m just there, now; seeing. The funny thing is, that when I step back out of the museum time speeds up again and […]

Around and Around London.

I did get around to adding photos to the novel-of-a-post I wrote about the mathematician, so have a look.
I made the first of many weekly trips to London on Monday and got a crash course in navigating this enormous city. One of the Underground lines broke down leaving me in the rain and wind huddled […]

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