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Farewell, Cambridge.

Tomorrow morning we leave England, and this adventure is coming to a close. It has been a great experience here (for a multitude of reasons), but I think we really are ready to go back now… after past adventures, we’ve found ourselves dreading the idea of returning to the Midwest and our daily Madison grinds, […]

Bath, Stonehenge, and Time Warps.

Last weekend, on St. Patrick’s Day, we rode some trains out to Bath. I say trains (plural) because we not only had to go from Cambridge to London, but en route to Bath from London, we had to dismount our train in Swindon. Apparently a “lorry” (truck) was oversized and ran into a bridge ahead […]

Bike Tour + Glossary.

This morning, I really felt like I needed some exercise… so I decided to hop on my bike and ride around the Cambridge area randomly. I was out for about an hour (and at times things looked so rural and unfamiliar I could have sworn I was halfway to Oxford), and when I got back […]

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