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Tomorrow we get up at 3AM to bike to the station to catch the train to go to the airport to fly us to Amsterdam, where we hop on another train to Leiden where we will visit our friends Eric & Elisabeth and kick off a week of living out of backpacks through Benelux. Wow, […]

Sainbury’s Delivers.

We’ve been here a month now, and have had to get groceries nearly every day. This is partially because product volumes are generally smaller here, but mostly because our carrying capacity is also pretty small (two arms each by foot, or a backpack and basket on bike). We go through what we can carry pretty […]


Yesterday, we made pancakes. Crêpes, actually. I ate four: two with nutella, one with butter & sugar, and one with syrup. Natalie made a video (but angled the camera the wrong way so I had to rotate and letterbox it):

I was very tired, thus my wit of glacial speed.

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