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Farewell, Cambridge.

Tomorrow morning we leave England, and this adventure is coming to a close. It has been a great experience here (for a multitude of reasons), but I think we really are ready to go back now… after past adventures, we’ve found ourselves dreading the idea of returning to the Midwest and our daily Madison grinds, […]


Tomorrow we get up at 3AM to bike to the station to catch the train to go to the airport to fly us to Amsterdam, where we hop on another train to Leiden where we will visit our friends Eric & Elisabeth and kick off a week of living out of backpacks through Benelux. Wow, […]

Cambridge Coffee + London Gig.

I’m writing this post from the Starbuck’s inside the Borders downtown, just a spit from the Cambridge market square. I’m taking a break from work to update the old blog… but I’ll have to upload it later since there’s surprisingly no Internet connection here. I come here to work a lot, in fact. It’s easy […]

Greek to Me.

Two of the Ph.D. students in the group at the Cambridge Computing Lab I’ve gotten to know pretty well here are Greek. As in, from Greece… their names are Andreas and Nikiforos (or Niki). Now, since I’m letting my hair grow out long, it’s at this annoying intermediate stage where I must wear hats all […]


I’m going to hijack my own post for a minute to admit that I had reservations about doing a blog. I wish I could tell you about the quiet triumphs in my day–the professional discoveries, satisfying work, a concept mastered, new people with whom to collaborate. However, very little of that is appropriate for general […]

Bike Tour + Glossary.

This morning, I really felt like I needed some exercise… so I decided to hop on my bike and ride around the Cambridge area randomly. I was out for about an hour (and at times things looked so rural and unfamiliar I could have sworn I was halfway to Oxford), and when I got back […]

Sainbury’s Delivers.

We’ve been here a month now, and have had to get groceries nearly every day. This is partially because product volumes are generally smaller here, but mostly because our carrying capacity is also pretty small (two arms each by foot, or a backpack and basket on bike). We go through what we can carry pretty […]


Yesterday, we made pancakes. Crêpes, actually. I ate four: two with nutella, one with butter & sugar, and one with syrup. Natalie made a video (but angled the camera the wrong way so I had to rotate and letterbox it):

I was very tired, thus my wit of glacial speed.

Modern Technology and “Foot-ball.”

Here are some screenshots from video chats we had with our parents last Saturday. Left: talking via Skype with Nicki (Natalie’s mom), using the refurbished PC laptop and new webcam we gave her for Christmas. Right: my chat with my parents over iChat on their new MacBook.
It’s funny to think that we can talk “face […]

2 x 2 Wheels for the Road.

It turns out that Ryan Woodard, one of the songwriters who participated last year in FAWM (the songwriting challenge I organize) lives here in Cambridge. Not only that, he and his wife have two spare bicycles, and said we are welcome to use them. We walked 3 miles to the other side of town this […]

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