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Notes From A Small Island.

As many of you know, I run a songwriting project called FAWM.ORG where the goal is to write 14 original songs in the 28 days of February. Last year some cats in New Hampshire started something similar called RPM, to record a 10-song album in the same amount of time. This year, they decided to […]

Bike Tour + Glossary.

This morning, I really felt like I needed some exercise… so I decided to hop on my bike and ride around the Cambridge area randomly. I was out for about an hour (and at times things looked so rural and unfamiliar I could have sworn I was halfway to Oxford), and when I got back […]

Sainbury’s Delivers.

We’ve been here a month now, and have had to get groceries nearly every day. This is partially because product volumes are generally smaller here, but mostly because our carrying capacity is also pretty small (two arms each by foot, or a backpack and basket on bike). We go through what we can carry pretty […]


Yesterday, we made pancakes. Crêpes, actually. I ate four: two with nutella, one with butter & sugar, and one with syrup. Natalie made a video (but angled the camera the wrong way so I had to rotate and letterbox it):

I was very tired, thus my wit of glacial speed.

Modern Technology and “Foot-ball.”

Here are some screenshots from video chats we had with our parents last Saturday. Left: talking via Skype with Nicki (Natalie’s mom), using the refurbished PC laptop and new webcam we gave her for Christmas. Right: my chat with my parents over iChat on their new MacBook.
It’s funny to think that we can talk “face […]

Industrial Action.

Wednesday, on my second trip to London I found a placard outside the Tate Britain saying that most of the galleries in the museum would be closed that day on account of “industrial action”. I guessed that meant something like demolition or cleaning, but thought that seemed rather exteme. When I went inside I asked […]

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