Notes From A Small Island.

Notes From A Small Island: FAWM Demos 2007

As many of you know, I run a songwriting project called FAWM.ORG where the goal is to write 14 original songs in the 28 days of February. Last year some cats in New Hampshire started something similar called RPM, to record a 10-song album in the same amount of time. This year, they decided to go international (without thinking of the impact that might have on FAWM’s appeal and participation). I’ve been talking with the organizers and they’ve apologized for some of the confusion it’s caused. Hopefully we can work something out that makes everyone happy. I think RPM’s a really great thing, and it’s flattering to me that FAWM inspired it… but my main concern is that we’re both doing things in February… and it’s hard to focus on both writing quality songs and recording quality tracks at the same time. At least under these time constraints.

Anyway, since I actually made demos of all my FAWM songs this year (listen here), the 14-track, 41-minute result does meet the RPM requirements, so I figured I might as well send my rough, un-mastered, me-guitar-and-my-macbook demos in on a CD to get some credit there, too. I decided to call it “Notes From A Small Island: FAWM Demos 2007″ (the title taken from the Bill Bryson memoir).

Of course, none of these tracks truly belong on the same album together. They’re far too diverse… songs about sex, the apocalypse, interchangeable prosthetics, death, Colonel Sanders, and “strangle disco” (ehem)… stylistically from folk to brit-pop and a lot more attempts at hip-hop than I’ve ever tried before. Several of the songs might show up on an upcoming Pine Box Orchestra album, though… they lend themselves quite well to the guitar/cello/trumpet sound.

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