Bike Tour + Glossary.

This morning, I really felt like I needed some exercise… so I decided to hop on my bike and ride around the Cambridge area randomly. I was out for about an hour (and at times things looked so rural and unfamiliar I could have sworn I was halfway to Oxford), and when I got back I felt good. Ready for a hot shower and some lunch.

When I tried to figure out the route I took on the map pinned up in the kitchen, I actually went off the grid… but Keith told me about a Gmaps Pedometer hack, where you can “record” a route using the Google Maps interface and save it. So I present to you: the bike route I took this morning! Now you can see my 10.2 miles (16.5 km) of mixed elevation mountain bike goodness. What an age to be alive…

We made pancakes again the other day. I figured we’d start a glossary, too, of English-American vernacular discrepancies. Some of these we already knew, but most are newly acquired vocabulary:

tippex - white out
washing up liquid - detergent
rubbish - trash
biscuit - cookie
chips - fries
crisps - chips
concessions - discounts (not snacks)
humped zebra crossing - pedestrian crossing (seriously!)

More of these to come, I’m sure…

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