Modern Technology and “Foot-ball.”

Video-chatting with our folks.

Here are some screenshots from video chats we had with our parents last Saturday. Left: talking via Skype with Nicki (Natalie’s mom), using the refurbished PC laptop and new webcam we gave her for Christmas. Right: my chat with my parents over iChat on their new MacBook.

It’s funny to think that we can talk “face to face” overseas in real-time these days. For free (provided there’s a fast enough internet connection)!! In fact, earlier in the afternoon, Natalie was talking with my mom (KY), my cousin (PEI, Canada) and grandmother (FL) all at the same time over Skype. Not video chatting, just voice. But four women in four cities spanning 3 times zones, 3 countries and 2 continents. It’s just cool. And I hope I never take it for granted.

In Sports News…

They air the SuperBowl on regular British TV, apparently, so Keith and I packed some beers into our backpacks and we all went down to the Churchill College Porter’s Lodge. It was us and about a dozen English college kids. It was amusing to us to hear them try to remember (or figure out) the rules of the game, this so called “foot-ball” that barely involved the feet. Much like they would be amused to hear us squabbling over World Cup rules, I suppose. Sadly, they didn’t air the TV commercials since it was a UK broadcast, but we did get to hear celebrity sports commentator Don Johnson’s opinion of the game. (Must be because the game was in Miami… all that vice!) His commentary basically boiled down to something like this:

I’ve never seen so much scoring in the first quarter of the superbowl… I’ve never seen so many turnovers in the first half of the superbowl… The pressure will be on in the second half… We’re seeing Rex be Rex when he’s not the best Rex that he can be.

Uhmm, I could be a better football commentator than that. OK, maybe not. Perhaps the most unique SuperBowl party I’ve ever been to. Keith and I are already wondering about the amount of airtime the college basketball playoffs get here. When it was all over around 3:30am, we went home and discovered that YouTube was airing all the SuperBowl Ads in a “contest,” after the game, so we stayed up another hour or so watching those online. So¬† I’m pretty beat today.

Speaking of YouTube, I made a video yesterday to a new song called Color Bars and posted it there. It’s filmed in our sparse bedroom. Check it out if you like.

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  1. 1 doris settles Mar 1st, 2007 at 2:56 am

    geez…couldn’t you have tried to get a better screen shot of us talking? and i’ll bet i’ll never take it for granted…it’s all amazing!

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