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Dead Animals.

Dead animals everywhere, and I loved it! Today, enjoying the new freedom of quick trips into town on my bicycle, I visited the Cambridge Zoology Museum. The museum boasts several million specimens, 2000 of which were the first of their species to be collected for taxonomic classification. The largest specimen in the collection is a […]

2 x 2 Wheels for the Road.

It turns out that Ryan Woodard, one of the songwriters who participated last year in FAWM (the songwriting challenge I organize) lives here in Cambridge. Not only that, he and his wife have two spare bicycles, and said we are welcome to use them. We walked 3 miles to the other side of town this […]


I keep forgetting to look to the right when crossing the road here because they drive on the other side. The walk to the Cambridge Computing Lab is just a mile or so but you must cross Madingley Road, which is quite a busy one. I nearly got smooshed this morning!

Meeting Victoria & Albert in London.

Time seems to slow down around museums, and the further I wander into one the more I feel like I’m in a haze with no reference points to hours or minutes. I’m just there, now; seeing. The funny thing is, that when I step back out of the museum time speeds up again and […]

Stephen Hawking.

Last night I went to go see celebrity physicist Stephen Hawking give a lecture entitled “To Boldly Go: My Life in Physics” with Natalie and my advisor, Mark. There were a lot of American accents in the room… in fact, all the questions at the end of the talk sounded like they were from Americans. […]

Around and Around London.

I did get around to adding photos to the novel-of-a-post I wrote about the mathematician, so have a look.
I made the first of many weekly trips to London on Monday and got a crash course in navigating this enormous city. One of the Underground lines broke down leaving me in the rain and wind huddled […]

Cambridge with a Mathematician.

I wrote a version of this in my journal on January 10 at the very beginning of our trip, and thought I’d share it:
Today was my first full day in the UK since our arrival yesterday morning in London’s Gatwick airport around 9:30 local time. Our hike though London from the airport to the King’s […]

The Passing Storm.

For any of you who heard about the massive European storm today, we’re not among the 11 dead (and counting). The winds were somewhat frightening at points, though, and apparently all buses and trains from Cambridge to London were canceled. Our friend Jurgen who is visiting (a Belgian doing a Master’s at UW-Madison, but applying […]

Safe Arrival.

At 11am on 8-Jan-07, our good friend Eric Everman drove us to the Minneapolis/St Paul Airport. About 8 hours later we were boarding a plane in Houston bound for London. We sat next to a young girl (may 8 or 9?) who we think had a British father and American mother (across the aisle from […]

This is the Way Out.

Welcome. We’re still adjusting to the time zone and such, but the blog is up and running. We made it here safely about 2pm (GMT) last Tuesday. We’ll add more details about our travels and first few days here in a bit.

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