Around and Around London.

I did get around to adding photos to the novel-of-a-post I wrote about the mathematician, so have a look.

I made the first of many weekly trips to London on Monday and got a crash course in navigating this enormous city. One of the Underground lines broke down leaving me in the rain and wind huddled under an umbrella with a borrowed map I didn’t want to get wet. I like to remain on the move, looking purposeful to avoid the attention of pickpockets looking for bewildered tourists (a lesson I learned from friends in Warsaw, Poland.) This meant that I marched around purposefully in the soggy city (not alway knowing where I was), occasionally turning in circles and asking women who looked about my age for directions to various roads. I felt I did amazingly well making educated guesses about the way from Covent Garden to South Kensington. I was almost beside myself with pride when I reached Harrod’s department store (a stop on my way to the Victoria & Albert Museum.)

I wish I’d taken a picture when I was inside Harrod’s, that place was the epitome of spectacle. Overload describes seeing so many lavish things in one place. Fabrics, stone, gold, food, wood, crystal, and rich colors were everywhere. Over the past year I’ve been doing some studying about fashion and it blew me over to see runway styles I’d only seen in photographs right there on the mannequins–and the people! I felt this odd mix of desire and incomprehension looking at all the stylish things around me. I became more and more lost as I wove my way through all the people and past each alcove occupied by a high-end designer. I wasn’t sure if I liked the experience or felt trapped (maybe both?!). This was not unlike my first experience in a casino; I felt too overwhelmed to gamble, and incapable of finding the door (by design, of course.) I think I’d like to go back; just to try another go at it. I’ll hold my head on the next time.

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  1. 1 wynia Jan 25th, 2007 at 11:23 pm

    fun! Except for the rain part…

    We miss you at SG :)

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