European Travel Weblog - Summer 2003
The Travel Itinerary
The plan is a bit loose. We are flying out of Minneapolis/St. Paul on Monday, 18 August, 7pm-ish. That much we know. After a (hopefully) brief layover in Reykjavik, Iceland, we'll touch down in London in time for Lunch on Tuesday... then we will puddle-jump over to Oslo to visit our friend Ausbjorn (of Art Abyss fame) in Norway to really kick things off.

After a few days visiting with Ozzy in Scandinavia, we'll head southward and loop around through Sweden/Denmark, Germany, Poland, Checkoslovakia, Italy, Switzerland, and France (or some subset thereof) before making it back over to England around 14 September. There we'll visit with Burr's cousin Kristen (who currently works as a large animal vet just outside London). We'll also visit with a slew of other friends along the way (provided we can get in touch with them in time).

On 18 September we fly from London back to Reykjavik, where we'll hang out for another 2 days before returning home (USA) on 20 September. That will give us 9 days to recover, pack, move, find a place to live, and start work at our respective fall employs in Washington, DC. Whew!

If you'd like to keep up to date with our exact whereabouts (and see how closely we stick to this ill-planned itenerary... ha!), log on every couple of days or so... we'll keep you posted.


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About the Trip
For the fall of 2003, we're taking a break from Madison to work for a bit in Washington, DC. Natalie landed an internship at the Smithsonian Institution after acquiring her MFA, and Burr will be doing research at the National Library of Medicine. But, with a month or so of free time between the end of our lease in Madison and the start of our capital tenure, we decided to jaunt around Europe! We'll be sleeping on trains, seeing some art, and visiting some friends. Here is a loose itinerary.

Since Europe is riddled with "cyber-cafes," we will stop occasionally to post our thoughts about the trip and keep you (beloved friends + family) up to date with what's going on.

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