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Monday, 11 August 2003
Writing the design. Well, tonight I finished the design for the weblog while taking a break from packing. We've taken about 3 loads of boxes/bookshelves to the storage unit, and will take several more tomorrow. We have but 3 days to be out of Madison! We're having to essentially pack things up in three categories: (1) stuff to take with us to Europe, (2) stuff to take to Washington DC but not Europe, and (3) stuff to leave in the storage unit here. Gets a bit frustrating keeping it all straight. But we have our tickets (via Iceland Air) and our rail passes now, our packs, and most of the clothes/amenities we've planned for. Just better make sure we don't pack them up and put them in the storage unit...

PS: Since we'll be traveling through oodles of time zones, all entires to this log will be posted in Greenwich mean time (GMT)... the time zone in London, and sort of the "international standard."

posted by burr - 04:27 am GMT
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About the Trip
For the fall of 2003, we're taking a break from Madison to work for a bit in Washington, DC. Natalie landed an internship at the Smithsonian Institution after acquiring her MFA, and Burr will be doing research at the National Library of Medicine. But, with a month or so of free time between the end of our lease in Madison and the start of our capital tenure, we decided to jaunt around Europe! We'll be sleeping on trains, seeing some art, and visiting some friends. Here is a loose itinerary.

Since Europe is riddled with "cyber-cafes," we will stop occasionally to post our thoughts about the trip and keep you (beloved friends + family) up to date with what's going on.

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