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On May 20, 2000, I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts degree from DePauw University. And what better way to celebrate selling my soul to the University of Wisconsin graduate school than by spending five weeks in Europe? Since Europe is allegedly riddled with these "cyber-cafés," I plan to update this travel weblog as often as possible to let loved ones know how i'm doing, and what they're missing. I'll periodically check my email from over there, too, so drop me a line.


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«Friday, June 16, 2000»

3:35 AM... I got my student ID and Eurail pass yesterday, and my tickets came FedEx today. Now that I have about 90 percent of my supplies, I decided to pack most everything up, strap on my bags, and walk about three miles around Lexington to get a feel for what I might be doing every day for the next five weeks. Two things are for sure: a. by the time i get back, I'm gonna be so buff; and b. my right foot is going to blister like hell. Five days...

«Tuesday, June 13, 2000»

3:20 PM... Point of order: all posts on this weblog are recorded in central European time (for authenicity). Also, the circle gets the square.

5:14 AM... T-minus eight days. My flight out of Lousiville leaves next Tuesday at 11:45 AM (with a six-hour layover in Charlotte, where I hope to meet up with my old roomate Bryce for a few hours). So far I have borrowed a backpack, bought a daypack, and started gathering supplies (new shoes and sandals, a compass, bungee cords, a walkman, elements for a first aid kit, etc). Last Friday I purchased my International Student ID and Eurail Pass, which should be ready to pick up tomorrow. All in all this is getting very exciting, but it doesn't seem real yet.

En route home today, I filled up the car at a Shell station on I-75. Amid NPR reports about rising petro-prices in the midwest I thought, "In a little over a week, I will spend over a month dependent on public transportation and my limited knowlege of French to get around. Am I ready for this?" The answer is yes and no. Still, I am terribly excited to take my chances on these planes and trains. And Grégoire, with whom I'll be staying for the first few days in Paris, tells me that after a week in France those repressed seventh grade vocabulary words should come rushing back to me.

It also struck me today that I'm going back to Florence... where, four years ago, I tasted all 22 flavors of gelato on that little Via Bernardo Rucellai corner shop. I plan to do it again. And the thoughts of seeing my cousin in Madrid and swimming in the riviera and standing in the camps at Dachau are beginning to overwhelm me. But it is all still a few weeks away. Only a few weeks away

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